Organic and Conscious Movement

Spirals and Springs is a hideaway in the SOMA area of San Francisco where local residents or hard working innovators of the densely tech community can take a break from their day to be guided through a Pilates or GYROTONIC® experience that cultivates a deeper understanding of inner strength. An experience that invigorates, strengthens and increases flexibility.  


The CoreAlign®  offers exercises that improve posture, balance and core strength.  Easy to learn functional exercises can be used for performance enhancement as well as   simply tone and strengthen.  The upright exercises are great addition to any pilates workout. 


GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®is a movement system that increases strength and flexibility and creates vitality and renewed energy.  The system uses all planes of motion in a holistic approach to achieve balance and strength.  GYROTONIC® benefits the recovering body, the sedentary body, as well as the olympic body.


Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body.  If practiced consistently it yields body awareness, balance, and control.  Over time these qualities practiced and learned in a pilates session can inform sports movements or simple activities of daily life.